Now, more than ever,
we need your support. 

Through our range of holistic programs, Weave provides wrap-around support to vulnerable children, young people and families experiencing complex social issues. Now, more than ever, we need your help. 

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$25 Support our Cool to be Kind Campaign, that fosters a culture of kindness to counter bullying and discrimination. $100 Provide food and essential items to children, young people, women and families facing complex social issues. $250 Donate to our crisis fund which provides critical support to young people experiencing mental health challenges. Our wrap-around, dual diagnosis program, Speak Out, supports young people experiencing co-existing mental health and drug and alcohol issues. $500 Donate to our Creating Futures Justice Program. Creating Futures exists to address the over-representation of Aboriginal people in the criminal justice system. The program is designed to support and empower Aboriginal young people who have been released from prison and give them the best chance to create a positive future. $1000 Support the next generation of Aboriginal leaders to develop skills and build confidence through our Youth Leadership Program ‘Switch’. ‘Switch’ creates opportunities for young people to become leaders, mentors and advocates in their community and your donation helps give them a way up and way forward. $3000 Sponsor one child to be part of our Kool Kids Program for 12 months. Kool Kids isan early intervention program focused on building resilience and supporting wellbeing. The program supports 180 children and young people per year. 95% of children and young people in the program are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. $5000 Support women and children experiencing domestic and family violence and abuse to relocate and set up a new home. Your donation will go towards removalists, food and essentials including mobile phone and data, some furniture and home essentials and children’s items such as school uniforms and shoes. $10000 Sponsor a Creating Futures Cultural Health & Wellbeing Camp - these camps provide a powerful opportunity for young Aboriginal men and women to reconnect with themselves and their culture. Alongside cultural activities the program focuses on addressing issues impacting health and wellbeing, creating space for honest conversations about the impact of trauma, mental health experiences, substance use and suicide prevention.

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