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Weave's Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) Program provides wrap-around support for women and children experiencing domestic and family violence and abuse. The program provides an opportunity for women and children to live a life free from violence and abuse.

Our DFV Program provides long-term support to ensure lasting, meaningful change. We offer a broad range of strengths-based, culturally safe, holistic support that is specifically tailored to the needs of each individual circumstance, recognising and respecting that the woman is the expert in her own life and is also best placed to understand the needs of her children. 

At Weave, we believe we all have a responsibility to create a society where domestic and family violence and abuse is never tolerated or accepted. We are committed to continuing to advocate for systemic change and being part of breaking the cycle of violence. 

Domestic and family violence and abuse is still considered a private domain when it is a public issue. Weave’s Be The Change campaign was created to raise awareness of this issue and educate and empower our communities to be involved, to be vocal, to be true, to be supportive, to be non-judgemental and to be advocates. 

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About Weave

Weave is a not-for-profit organisation that provides a way up and a way forward for children, young people, women, families and communities facing complex social situations.

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Goes towards food vouchers for women and children when they first escape an abusive relationship
Goes towards essential items to set up a home for women and children when they first relocate to safe accommodation
Goes towards lock changes and security upgrades to keep women and children safe in their home
Goes towards installing premium, customised security upgrades such as security doors and cameras

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